Changing Gears



Across the last couple of years I’ve taken more of an interest and involvement in documentaries. Changing Gears was a 20-minute short film made with a team of people during¬†2013.

My own round-the-world cycle caught the interest of some broadcasters and so I feature quite heavily in the film – but its creation was very much a team effort. The real stars of the show are the five young Londoners who rode 60 miles from London to Brighton. Each from very different backgrounds but with a shared love of bicycles, Changing Gears was an effort at showing the transformative potential of bicycles in bringing down social barriers.

The film is to get a broadcast premiere on London television in February 2014. It has already been entered into a number of film festivals and will hopefully lay the foundations for future projects exploring similar themes.

Key collaborators on the film were Bruna Martini, Ross Fairgrieve and Damien Bouvier. The score was composed by Jo Robinson.


Changing Gears