May 2, 2018 Julian

Back to a blog

The internet is getting older. It is now at an age where people have started blogs, descended into apologising for how long it is since they last wrote on their blog, and are now ready to start new blogs. The last time I wrote a post seems to have been in 2014, in the old blog I began five years before that, when getting ready to cycle round the world.

I’m hoping to return to using a blog as a bit of an online scrapbook, a place where I can collect together the articles that get published here and there, or the quick thoughts that quickly go disappearing into Twitter or Instagram.

Writing this post comes at a bit of a time of change for me. A new website pulls together the things that I’ve done over the years – a satisfying process that kindly disproved the occasional and nagging, day-to-day thought that you could be doing more. It’s satisfying to put some of the articles, books and reviews in one place, and to be reminded by organisations I’ve done talks and events for that my stories from the road have had an impact on those who heard them.

As much as there are some changes happening for me, a few things are remaining the same, or returning to the way they were. After a couple of books and projects away from bicycles, immensely rewarding though they were, I’m currently enjoying getting back to what I did first, and planning some big rides. On the road, and as always, I’ll be kept company by my notepads and pen. At the end of the road, I’ll be writing up the stories of the roadside, and begin working on a book. I’ll keep you posted.


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