Hello and welcome to my author site.

In 2009 I broke a world record for cycling around the world, and am still working on not being defined by only this feat. The story of that world record is contained in my first book, Life Cycles (2014, John Blake Books), while a second book, Messengers (Arcadia, 2016) tells the story of my time as a bicycle courier in the city of London.

I like to think of Life Cycles as a roadside view of the world and its people, by bicycle. Messengers is a similar attempt at writing a bicycle-eye view of view of life in a low-pay job in a modern city.

My most recent book, Interstate (Arcadia, 2016) is an account of US roadside politics, as encountered during a 2013 hitchhike between New York and San Francisco. The book won the Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year in a unanimous decision from the judges.

I continue to travel as part of film or writing projects. My next book, All at Sea, will be out in autumn 2017 and tells a story of the Moken “sea gypsies” of southeast asia, who I wrote about in 2013 for Aeon Magazine. The book itself is set against a backdrop of mass tourism, includes an enigmatic boat captain and also chronicles the peculiarities of making an anthropology documentary.

A few other book projects, one about Istanbul and Turkish politics, have been agreed or discussed and are waiting in the pipeline.

The books are available online, but I always recommend buying through a local bookshop.