Hello and welcome to my author site.

In 2009 I broke a world record for cycling around the world, a story retold in my first book, Life Cycles (2014, John Blake Books). A second book, Messengers (Arcadia, 2016) tells the story of my time as a bicycle courier in the city of London.

Life Cycles is a roadside view of the world and its people, by bicycle. Messengers is a bicycle-eye view of life in a low-pay job in a modern city.

More recently, Interstate (Arcadia, 2016) gave an account of US roadside politics, as encountered during a 2013 hitchhike between New York and San Francisco. The book won the Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year in a unanimous decision from the judges.

I continue to travel as part of film or writing projects. My latest book, All at Sea, was released in autumn 2017 and tells a story of the Moken “sea gypsies” of southeast asia, who I first wrote about in 2013 for Aeon Magazine. The book itself is set against a backdrop of mass tourism, an enigmatic boat captain, and shows the peculiarities of making an anthropology documentary, complete with its quest for an imagined version of human authenticity.

A few other book projects, one about Istanbul and Turkish politics, are waiting in my notepads.

All of these titles are available online, but are best bought through a local bookshop.